Chest Trauma and Prehospital Trauma Audit

Come along this Thursday 18th April to hear some of luminaries of trauma care in Qld talk about current controversies in prehospital and chest trauma.

Join Dr Daryl Wall and the RBWH trauma team, as well as trauma surgeon Dr Cliff Pollard and of course our ED consultants and trainees in the audience, as we explore controversies in chest trauma.

Tune in to hear QAS Medical Director Dr Steve Rashford presenting his insights on the last 12 months of prehospital trauma data.

Ever wondered why all the fun stuff is already done by the time patients turn up to ED? RSI, bilateral decompressive thoracostomies, FAST scans, even thoracotomies are all now routinely performed pre-hospital, in large part due to the leadership provided by Dr Rashford.

Thought trauma care was just primary survey, EMST and log rolls? Not even close!

Following Dr Rashford we will have several of our leading registrars breaking down some of the controversial areas in chest trauma, including what to do with ‘occult’ pneumothoraces, how to diagnose pneumothorax on USS, and what complications we are causing with our ICC insertions.

Expect to see some debate from some of the leading authorities in trauma in one of the most exciting TEd sessions for 2013 so far!

See you there Thursday 0830

Nigel Moore

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